Preparing for Newborn Sessions

A newborn photo shoot is a totally different shoot from the regular family photo session. Whereas you can relax, play and have fun with your family in any setting, the newborn needs a lot more attention and care. Therefore I always plan for more time when photographing newborns, so we can relax, feed when necessary and allow the baby to settle at his or her own pace.

Here’s a few tips for ensuring smooth sailing for your newborn’s first photo shoot:

Babies safety comes first, always! If you are not comfortable with a certain pose, let me know. You are expected to always around to hold & support the baby and calm him or her when needed. If the baby gets fussy, we take a break, no problem. You can’t expect your 10 day old to be a natural model. Newborn sessions typically last anywhere from 2-3 hours.

When adults are sweating, the baby is usually most comfortable! The temperature in the room should be cranked up so baby is comfortable while being undressed during our session. Be sure to wear light clothing.

A full baby is a happy baby! I cannot emphasize this enough. I have seen plenty of sessions go south due to children being “hangry” (a mix of hungry and angry). 🙂 Be sure to fully feed your little one immediately prior to our session to ensure their full cooperation.

Let me know beforehand if you’d like a specific photo, I can prepare and make sure I have all the right equipment and possible backdrops with me.

Have any special family mementos/heirlooms ready to use the day of your session. Any blankets, toys, hair bows, bow ties, etc are also encouraged to be used during your session to make it more personal to you and your family. I do have an assortment of wraps, blankets, toys, and bows to use for our session if needed.

I have and always will swear by white noise. Studies have shown it allows your baby to enter a deep sleep faster, as well as keeping your baby asleep for longer periods of time. When baby dozes off, the last thing they hear is the white noise, so when a noise or movement startles them, they immediately are reminded of sleep when they hear the white noise and easily are queued to return back to their peaceful slumber. I have my own white noise machine I bring with me to all newborn sessions.

Try to book your session for as soon after birth as possible. Waiting a couple days can give mom and dad a bit of time at home with their new edition is to be expected. Of course, a photography sitting can take place at any time, but when the are just days old, they tend to be less fussy about having to be moved around. As your baby gets older, they can become more fussy when moved during slumber. I find that the first 10 days tend to be the best time frame for newborn photography.

Come ready to have your portrait taken as well! As parents, it’s hard to capture photos when you’re too busy being the one taking the photos! I want to capture these first few days with your newborn to have something to look back on years to come. Come to our session wearing either a black or white shirt (tank top, blouse or t shirt) free from writing or logos.

Relax! I have all the time in the world to ensure we create keepsakes that will last a lifetime!